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Outside Tiles - Bring the Indoors Outdoors!

Outside Tiles - Bring the Indoors Outdoors!

Date: March 7th, 2016 CTD Tiles | Tags: outdoor tiles, garden tiles, interior tiles, exterior tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, external tiles, internal tiles, large format tiles, tile trend, interior tile trend.

Picture of British Stone outside outdoor tiles

This innovative tile trend brings you closer to nature in a new and exciting way with its ability to transform both indoor and outdoor garden areas alike.

We are pleased to say, it has never been easier to transport your favourite outdoor look into your home than it is with our British Stone tile collection which is available in our showrooms nationwide and available online.

Picture of British Stone outside outdoor tiles

Connecting with your surrounding area is important as it can heavily influence your day to day mood. With this said, we have carefully selected our British Stone tile range because it is the perfect foundation for a harmonious transcending space using both internal and external areas.

You can create a harmonious interior aesthetic that emphasizes mood and the option to extend this outdoors is now available with the 20mm outdoor tile. 

Picture of British Stone tiles

British Stone comes in 3 colour variations and a stunning large format size will help you achieve a calming and tranquil connecting interior and exterior look, with minimal effort.

Outdoor shrubs, grass and elegant flowers placed throughout your home will only add to this beautiful interior trend. There is no wrong and right so just be experimental, it is all about having fun and finding what works best for you.

Collage picture of British Stone outside outdoor tiles

Are you thinking about using British Stone into your home? Why not also take a look at our entire collection of indoor and outdoor tiles?

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