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Arles Border Bathroom Tiles by GEMINI from CTD Tiles

Border Bathroom Tiles

Using border tiles on your bathroom walls can zone and highlight desired areas to great effect. The selection below offers borders and also mosaic tiles. Mosaics usually come on a mesh sheet which can be cut to any size and then used as a border or inset. Border tiles are ideal for providing colour, texture and a touch of glamour to your bathroom walls. Range shown Arles

Border Bathroom Tiles

Use decorative tiles to finish your decor with a beautifully designed edge. Boarder tiles frame, divide or create interest to any tiling project. Whether used on your walls, floors or intricately woven into a bespoke design; boarder tiles will give a striking impact in your home.

What are border tiles?

Border tiles, tiles that can be used as a border or cut to use as a border sum up what we would class as a border tile.

Some ranges have wall & floor tiles but also décor tile options. This is to give more options in colour, texture and pattern. If you don’t want your bathroom walls to just be all plain tiles using a Décor Tile as a border helps lift your walls, gives it contrast and transforms the overall look. A good example is the Rock range where we used the wave décor tile as a border in the middle to complement the plain tiles.

Mosaic Tiles have always been a fantastic option when looking to create a border or zones.They’re available in all shapes and sizes incorporating materials such as glass, natural stone, metal and even a mixture of all 3. Most come on a mesh sheet making it easy to cut, with the size normally being a 300x300mm sheet.

You can also do borders on your bathroom floor using pattern tiles such as Cuban and Havana to create zoning.

How high should a tile border be in a bathroom?

You can create a border horizontally or vertically on you walls. If using border tiles horizontally we would suggest looking at the height of your sink or mirror unit. Using the border tile in between the sink and mirror would be the standard height suggestion. However, it is totally up to you.

Using border tile vertically is a great way to highlight area around your sink and shower wall. This option looks great as you can have patterns or 3 dimensional décor tiles to make the area pop.

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Arles Snow Décor Mix Gloss Tile - 300x100mm

Code: B0041765
£1.20 each
£39.99 per m2
£47.99 per box

Arles Silver Décor Mix Gloss Tile - 300x100mm

Code: B0041766
£1.20 each
£39.99 per m2
£47.99 per box

Arles Cream Décor Mix Gloss Tile - 300x100mm

Code: B0041767
£1.20 each
£39.99 per m2
£47.99 per box

Crystal Mediterranean Mosaic Tile - 15x15mm (300x300mm sheet)

Code: B0019429
£9.99 each

Crystal Monochrome Mosaic Tile - 15x15mm (300x300mm sheet)

Code: B0019430
£9.99 each

Crystal Autumnal Mosaic Tile - 15x15mm (300x300mm sheet)

Code: B0020426
£9.99 each

Crystal Red Flame Mosaic Tile - 15x15mm (300x300mm sheet)

Code: B0020427
£9.99 each

Simplicity Peach Melba Border Tile - 200x58mm

Code: A0008898
£0.50 each

Minimal Dots Beige Border Tile - 150x60mm

Code: A0011380
£0.50 each

Elegant Mocha Tile - 100x100x6mm

Code: B0017170
£0.32 each
£31.99 per m2
£21.67 per box
£15.99 per box

Elegant Antrasit Square Border Tile - 400x30mm

Code: B0015629
£5.99 each

Elegant Beige Border 1 Tile - 600x125mm

Code: B0015086
£25.00 each
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