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Red Bathroom Tiles

Reds ceramic tiles are ideal for your bathroom walls. Shown on the room set is our Reflections range in white, using red just to highlight the bath and sink. Terracotta tiles shown below are largely used on floors and perfect if you’re looking to replicate the Mediterranean style.

Poitiers Bordeaux Gloss Tile - 300x75mm

Poitiers Bordeaux Gloss Tile - 300x75mm

Code: B0044239
£1.12 each
£49.99 per m2
£24.74 per box

Victorian Heritage York Terracotta Tile - 316x316mm

Code: B0039394
£3.00 each
£29.99 per m2
£29.96 per box

Reflections Red Tile - 150x150mm

Code: A0014802
£0.68 each
£29.95 per m2
£29.95 per box

Quarry Red Flat Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015598
£0.68 each
£29.99 per m2
£15.00 per box

Quarry Red REX Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015600
£5.94 each

Quarry Red RE Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015599
£1.44 each

Quarry Red Cove Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015601
£2.54 each

Quarry Red Cove Internal Angle Tile - 150mm

Code: B0015602
£6.56 each

Quarry Red Cove External Angle Tile - 150mm

Code: B0015603
£6.04 each

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