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Rock Beige Bathroom Tiles by GEMINI from CTD Tiles

Beige Bathroom Tiles

Beautiful beige bathroom tiles with many tones, tints and textures offering vast design possibilities for you to create your ideal bathroom. Beige has a warm tone and gives a touch of colour making your bathroom less stark and creating an inviting ambiance. A perfect space to unwind and relax.

Range shown Rock

Beige Bathroom Tiles

Beige is a popular natural colour used in bathrooms due to its ability to compliment many types of units and provides a timeless finish. Used on your bathroom wall or on your bathroom floor, a beige tile can be seen as a blank canvas to compliment accessories and highlight materials such as wood and metallic finishes without over powering them.

What style of beige tiles should I use in my bathroom?

CTD Tiles offers many beige bathroom tiles and to help find your perfect beige tile, we have conveniently arranged them into Tile by Style. Try out styles such as Country Tiles, ideal if you’re looking to create classic country cottage beige bathroom with textured, crackled effect tiles or Industrial style tiles offering beige tiles designed around natural surfaces like plaster, wood and concrete for the chic high end industrial look. We also offer a wide variety of beige natural stone effect styles such as marble, travertine and beautiful sandstone giving your bathroom a boutique spa feel. Or if you’re looking for a natural wood effect in beige colours like oak, ash and beech then wood effect beige bathroom tiles are for you.

Using beige tiles in my bathroom.

CTD Tiles beige bathroom tile collection is carefully considered with choices for wall, floor and decorative tile options. When looking at your options, it is best to start with your budget and what bathroom fixtures you would like to add. Consider what you are tiling; just the bathroom floor or your bathroom walls and floor. Are you looking to tile your shower wall area only or just the bath splashback? Is your bathroom or en suite a wetroom? Do you want a plain matt finish or looking for gloss beige tiles? Start to layer up your ideas with fabric colours in your soft furnishings and accessories, plants and so on to build the end result you’re looking for.

Once you narrow down your options finding the right beige tiles for your bathroom, it should all fall into place! Always order a tile sample where you can, so you get a good idea of the colour, texture and pattern of the tile in the light of the room. Beige bathroom tiles on their own work great but you could also consider cream bathroom tiles, with a slightly lighter colourway the contrast is a great way to highlight a feature wall or add interest.

We’ve made some recommendations on highlight collections.

I am looking for beige tile for my bathroom floor.

Wood and natural stone effect beige tiles are an ideal option for bathroom floors.

I want to use beige tile on my bathroom walls and floor.

Look for ranges that has wall, floor and décor tiles. This gives you many options like using the décor tile in your shower wall area to make a feature or around the sink and bath. Having co-ordinating wall and floor tile will give you a seamless flow to your bathroom. Some ranges: Rock, Rust, British Stone and Handcrafted.

What colour goes with beige bathroom tiles?

You can use so many colours to complement beige bathroom tiles. White for that crisp and clean look, brighter colours give a great contrast and natural material like bathroom plants and wood is perfect for complementing beige bathroom tiles.

Core Tortora Tile - 600x300mm

Code: B0040416
£5.39 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box

Core Snow Tile - 600x300mm

Code: B0042599
£5.39 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box

Core Tortora Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0040415
£10.79 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box

Core Snow Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0044107
£10.79 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box

Core Snow Tile - 900x900mm

Code: B0044108
£32.51 each
£39.99 per m2
£65.03 per box

Inari Perla Semi Polished Tile - 900x450mm

Code: B0044041
£20.24 each
£49.99 per m2
£60.72 per box

Minimal Dots Beige Border Tile - 150x60mm

Code: A0011380
£0.50 each

Elegant Beige Border 1 Tile - 600x125mm

Code: B0015086
£25.00 each

Elegant Beige Border 1 Tile - 600x40mm

Code: B0015092
£11.99 each

Craquele Marfil Tile - 150x75mm

Code: B0033718
£0.22 each
£19.99 per m2
£79.12 per box
£22.80 per box

Moulden 2 Beige Matt Tile - 1200x200mm

Code: B0042727
£10.79 each
£44.99 per m2
£43.15 per box

Block Beige Structured Tile - 300x300mm

Code: B0032912
£1.82 each
£19.99 per m2
£49.86 per box
£21.80 per box

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