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  • Natural stone bathroom tiles and mosaics
  • Chester Rustic Slate Effect Bathroom Tiles UK
  • Nature Bathroom Tiles UK
  • Stone by Stone Bathroom Tiles UK
  • Motion Tile Range - Bathroom Tiles UK

Bathroom Tiles

Find a wide range of bathroom tiles from the Gemini Wall and Floor Tile Collection. Whether you go for a rustic look, a seamless bathroom look with the simple elegance of Stone by Stone or personalise with zoning using Nature

Look out for tile ranges that can be used on both wall and floor for a transformed bathroom in your chosen style.

Bathroom Tiles: How to choose your next tile purchase?

You may still be in the dreamy inspiration phase with your new bathroom project, or it may be coming to fruition - where to start when it comes to tiles?

In the planning phase of a bathroom build or refurbishment your attention will undoubtedly be in the first instance drawn towards suite and plumbing concerns. Once you have the layout planned you can then turn your attentions to the tiles. It will be at this stage when it is the turn of your new bathroom tiles to take centre stage and create the stunning end result – the one which will really give it the wow factor!   

It’s not just the colour considerations; many of our tiles come with natural shade variations to give you a really high end look, just imagine when you see your new finished could almost be out of a magazine.

One to also bear in mind is a lot of ranges also come in a number of different sizes or materials so you can have co-ordinating wall and floor layouts and then of course, there’s also practical elements such as slip resistance how many tiles to order, we recommend you order a little over what you require to account for breakages and cuts, normally about 10%.

So to summarise your new bathroom tiles purchase:  

  • Layout
  • Tile Colour / Look
  • Tile Size
  • Technical Properties
  • The Order Process
  • Finishing Touches

Whatever your choice for bathroom tiles: wall, floor or features with mosaics our full range of Gemini Wall and Floor tiles can provide inspiration at every turn.

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