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Sir Superspeed Bundle - (7307 tiles x 150x150x6.5mm)
Sir Superspeed Bundle - (7307 tiles x 150x150x6.5mm)

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The total measurements are 21 metres high and 26 metres wide. This works best for a temporary outdoor display.

Colours: 34 x White, 44 x Dove, 280 x Shale, 387 x Orange, 594 x Black, 1383 x Yellow, 4585 x Red. From the Reflections range.

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Sir Superspeed Bundle - (7307 tiles x 150x150x6.5mm)

Code: sir-superspeed



No. Tiles Per M2: 44
No. Tiles Per Box: 44
Manufacturer: Gemini

Catch him if you can, our speedy superhero is gone within a flash! Fast and foremost, Sir Superspeed has superhuman reflexes. Able to run, move and think at the speed of light, he is the queen - or should we say - king of speed. The product of a stray bolt of lightning, this flashy hero quickly developed the swiftness that could rival even the fastest of creatures. Owing to his unbeatable speed and red costume, Sir Superspeed quickly earned the nickname Crimson Cyclone. We’re sure that the rich red tiles used to create his costume model will serve to add vibrancy to any building. Be aware that to complete this you need a lot of space...

Usage: Superhero Lair
Material: Glazed Ceramic
Tile Size: 150x150x6.5mm
Total No. Tiles Included: 7307

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