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Johnson Tiles Tones - The new tile range on the block

Date: October 13th, 2016 CTD Tiles | Tags: johnson tones, wall tiles, tones, tones tile range, tile, tiles, ctdtiles, exclusive tiles, johnson tiles, tile trends, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, underfloor heating, bathroom wall tiles, kitchen wall tiles

As winter creeps in, so do the new and exciting tile ranges. 

What better way to spend the colder evenings other than to cosy up in a newly transformed winter wonderland created with the latest Johnson Tiles Tones range within the comfort of your own home?

johnsons tones

Let us introduce you to the new tile on the block!

The Johnson Tiles Tones range offers a natural and contemporary palette of colours, an eye opening array of finishes and stunning textures.

textured tiles

Including a coherent mix of 12 colours including Mocha, Charcoal and Latte the Johnson Tiles Tones collection radiates sophistication and elegance like never before. Use as bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles wall tiles - combine co-ordinating colours for maximum effect. 

johnsons mocha tiles

Warm up this winter with Raychem

Add some underfloor heating into the mix and you’re onto a winning winter warmer.

Wrap yourself in a beautifully warm floor with Raychem underfloor heating.

raychem underfloorheating

Install it in the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms throughout your home and combine it with Johnson Tiles Tones for a beautiful warm floor with a touch of affordable luxury.

The perfect combination of trend setting ingredients to complete a warming interior recipe fit for winter! 




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