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Capturing The Essence Of Time

Date: October 5th, 2015 CTD Tiles | Tags: saint-gobain, ceramic tile distributes, saint-gobain glass, saint-gobain anniversary, ctd tiles, time capsule, future

A Step In Time

To celebrate the 350th Saint-Gobain Anniversary each and every Saint-Gobain brand has carefully selected important, memorable & distinctive items to fill their time capsule which will go on display at the Innovation Centre at Great Portland Street and then be buried on the 15th October 2015 at Saint-Gobain House in Binley.

Why celebrate?  We are celebrating the history of everyone who has collectively built the one of the biggest and oldest manufacturing companies in the world - Saint-Gobain

On The Road

Driver Neil took to the roads of the UK & Ireland in his Saint-Gobain car on his quest to receive all of the individual time capsules and deliver them back to Saint-Gobain HQ in time for the 350th Anniversary date.

Capturing Time

The buried time capsules will be unearthed and opened by Saint-Gobain colleagues 100 years into the future for an insight into the  past and reflect on how far Saint-Gobain as a company has flourished over time with artifacts and documents of what we are doing as a business today.

Saint-Gobain Brands

saint-gobain brands

With over 35 brands in UK and Ireland in the Innovative Material -High Performance, Innovative Material -Glass, Construction, Building & Packaging sectors,Saint-Gobain have collected a treasure trove amount of items, all of which will be revealed in years to come.

Inside Out

CTD placed a number of nostalgic, tile inspired items inside our Saint-Gobain time capsule which mean a great deal to us such as previous projects, team photographs, future plans, personal items such as keepsakes and much more.

Writing Our Future

We are proud to be part of such a creative and historic event which acts as a monumental stepping stone, bridging the gap between the past, present and future of Saint-Gobain.

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