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  • Natural border tiles for bathroom walls - image

    Natural Border Tiles for Bathroom

    Bring depth and character to your bathroom with a GEMINI Natural Borders. Available in neutral shade variations, our Natural borders are the perfect addition to complement any bathroom design scheme you choose.

    Go ahead and add that extra special touch with a bathroom border.

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Gemini Natural Border Bridge Beige Tile - 250x45mm

Code: B0022369
£8.99 each

Gemini Natural Border A131 Tile - 250x50mm

Code: B0022363
£7.00 each

Gemini Natural Border A135 Tile - 250x50mm

Code: B0022365
£7.00 each

Gemini Natural Border Prestige Oregon Listel 204 Tile - 305x50mm

Code: B0022362
£10.00 each

Gemini Natural Border NP209 Tile - 300x50mm

Code: B0022360
£10.00 each

Gemini Natural Border SA001 Tile - 300x50mm

Code: B0022361
£10.00 each

Gemini Natural Border Onda Beige Border Tile - 300x70mm

Code: B0022366
£20.99 each

Gemini Natural Border Onda White Border Tile - 300x70mm

Code: B0022367
£20.99 each

Gemini Natural Border Paladiane Cracked Border Crema/Noce Tile - 300x80mm

Code: B0022368
£14.99 each
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