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  • Natural Stone Limestone - hallway

    Cathedral Limestone

    With it's dark hues, the Cathedral Limestone is ideal for busy family rooms

  • Limestone multi format tiles by Marshalls - image

    Unique Tile Design

    Rochester limestone tiles offering multi tile sizes for an exciting floor design.

  • Limestone tiles by Marshalls - image

    Your Floor, Your Way

    Warming tones and a peppering of fossilisation with Aegean limestone tiles.

Branded by its practicality, versatility and durability Limestone tiles give your home an inspiring look.

Limestone provides an intriguing texture and offers variety to make a long lasting impression, using a number of finishings from polished, antiqued and brushed.

Many of our Limestone Tiles co-ordinate with numerous mosaics browse through below to find out more.
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Marshalls Aegean Cream Limestone Tile - 600x400mm

Code: A0008403
£24.22 each
Marshalls Aegean Cream Limestone Tumbled Roman Opus x 10mm

Marshalls Aegean Cream Limestone Tumbled Tile - Roman Opus

Code: A0008402
£124.57 each
£124.57 per box
Marshalls Cathedral Limestone Classical Roman Opus Pattern

Marshalls Cathedral Limestone Tile - Classical Roman Opus Pattern

Code: A0008334
£230.01 each
£230.02 per box
Marshalls Catherdral Limestone Flagstone Floor Tile - 600xrandomx20mm

Marshalls Cathedral Limestone Flagstone Tile - 600xrandom

Code: A0008333
£80.54 each
£80.54 per box
Marshalls Chenzira Limestone Tumbled - Opus Box

Marshalls Chenzira Limestone Tumbled Tile - Roman Opus

Code: A0008336
£96.68 each
£96.68 per box
Marshalls Chenzira Limestone Brushed - Opus Box

Marshalls Chenzira Limestone Brushed Tile - Roman Opus

Code: A0008335
£96.68 each
£96.68 per box
Marshalls Glendale Antiqued - 400xfreelength

Marshalls Glendale Antiqued Tile - 400xfreelength

Code: A0012746
£78.33 each
£78.32 per box

Marshalls Jura Grey Limestone Honed Tile - 406xfreelength

Code: A0008415
£76.09 each
£76.09 per box

Marshalls Knightsmill Limestone Tile - 560xRandom

Code: A0015179
£88.09 each
£88.09 per box

Marshalls Layton Coombe Antiqued Tile - 400xfreelength

Code: A0012745
£78.33 each
£78.32 per box

Marshalls Minster Limestone Chip, Tumbled Honed Tile - 560xrandom

Code: A0008353
£188.69 each
£188.69 per box

Marshalls Nazzano Honed Tile - 600x300mm

Code: A0012753
£20.15 each
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