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Metro Brick Bathroom Tiles

Metro Brick Bathroom Tiles

What size are Metro Brick Tiles?

The classic size for a Metro Brick tile is 200x100mm. Metro Bricks are also known as Subway Tiles and are available as a flat plain tile or with a bevelled edge giving it a 3D brick effect. Available in a variety of colours and finishes including matt, gloss and crackled effect. We have added some extra sizes that fit into the Metro Brick category; 150x75mm, 300x100mm & 400x150mm

When looking for Bathroom Tiles, Metro Brick Tile is an ideal option as it offers layout options that can’t be achieved with larger tiles. You can tile it just the classic brick bond vertically and horizontally. You can also try off set Brickbond at 45°, herringbone or basket weave. Lay out your tiles in these different ways and you’ll be surprise at the difference it can make to the overall look.

What colour grout should I use with white metro tiles?

You should carefully consider your grout colour as this can enhance your tiles. We would normally recommend using roughly the same grout colour as your tiles, so white metro brick tiles we would recommend white grout, cream with jasmine grout and so on…. But sometimes contrast works really well. If you’re using Black metro brick tiles, white grout really enriches the black giving a clean definition to the finish look, the same as a black grout would make white metro tiles pop! Note if you go for a crackle finish we would recommend sealing before the application of dark grout as due to the nature of a crackled tile, the grout could stain the crackles during application.

What spacers should I use with Metro brick tiles?

We normally recommend 2mm spaces for wall tiles. We also have a selection spacers and tiling tools available.

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